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Newsletter: Issue 1 (7/12/15)
‘First Off the Presses’

Story of the Week: Public Affairs Ramps Up

After a long period of silence, the Public affairs office comes back with a bang recently releasing the first Second Rangers Video depicting the landings on Iwo Jima. The Second Rangers would like to give T/5 McCue and T/5 Mendoza a special thanks for the organization of the video and all of the hard work put in by both of the T/5s and also thanks to all the men and women who participated in the filming. We hope to continue to create promotional videos.

The office has proposed this newsletter and it has been passed unanimously by the triumvirate of Second Lieutenants. The newsletter is written by PFC Harmon and will be edited by Cpl. Gary. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide a clear and consistent source for members to receive news and announcements. Public Affairs plans to lengthen the newsletter as the unit continues to grow in size. The newsletter will be accessible via the Public Affairs teamspeak channel. We hope to eventually make the newsletter available instantly through integration into the website.

Public affairs is looking for rangers who have experience in video editing or recording. If you have either of those skills please contact any Lieutenant, T/5 Mendoza, T/5 McCue, or PFC Harmon.

Weekly Reports: 7/12/15 – 7/19/15

Dog Platoon:
The leadership of First Platoon would like to report that the Rangers have signed up for Tripwire Interactive’s Bolt Cup. This tournament will be played with bolt action rifles only on the count down mode. All Rangers with qualifications who would like to participate are asked to post their interest in participating on the steam group.

Squad 1 has no news and continues to train and drill according to the Rangers SOP. Squad 1 would like to welcome the Recruits Black, Bond, Skamun, and Sterling.

Squad 2 has had some leadership changes with Sgt. Aldrett moving to the Reserves and T/5 Gary changing to a Corporal and taking over command. As of now there is no assistant squad leader but PFC Daemon is in an accelerated leadership training course. Also we want there to be a big welcome to Pvt. Saunders and welcome him to the rangers. Also there has been a large influx of new recruits. Squad 2 would like to welcome the recruits Datah, Dom, Holt, Jandal, and Tosca.

Promotions and Awards:

Pvt. Jorris and Pvt. Taylor were recently awarded their ranger qualification after their superiors and squad leaders decided the they met all of the requirements of a full ranger. Congratulations Pvt. Jorris and Pvt. Taylor.
T/5 Mendoza and T/5 McCue were awarded Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) for exemplary work on promotional video.

Story of a Ranger: Sgt. Logan Bunch

Sgt. Logan Bunch is one of the founding members of this unit and one of the most deserving individuals currently involved in the Rangers. Sgt. Bunch is from Northern Kentucky and is a senior in high school. The Sergeant first got into gaming when he played the game Jak and Daxter on the Playstation 2, a platformer that featured a mixture of action, racing, and puzzle solving. Sgt. Bunch helped to found the rangers while looking for a unit that mixed realism and competitive gaming, while also having a thriving community. Sgt. Bunch is one of the best players we have and who is deservingly one of the most important individuals we have in the Rangers
His favorite fish is the frog fish which is type of angle fish and can be found in almost all tropical and subtropical oceans and seas around the world, the primary exception being the Mediterranean Sea.


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