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The 2nd Ranger Battalion is a realism unit for Tripwire Entertainment’s World War 2 first person shooter games Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm.  Members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion are formed primarily from North America however the unit accepts players from all parts of the world as long as they are able to maintain attendance in any mandatory drills and events.  The 2nd Ranger Battalion plays various games together as a community however their primary focus is Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm.  The unit is open to expansion in any upcoming World War 2 shooters and adapts as the gaming industry does.

The objective of the 2nd Ranger Battalion is to provide its members a realistic and authentic military simulation complete with drills, ranking system and matches against fellow realism units.  Members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion are provided with a Basic Training Course, Ranger Training Course among various other courses that members obtain through service and recommendation.  The courses are challenging but provide members an opportunity to role play a significant part of history with a decorated unit.

Although the 2nd Ranger Battalion attempts to recreate a realistic experience, the unit makes having fun a priority and outside of any mandatory drills, members are free to play any other games and relax with fellow members of their unit. 2nd Ranger Battalion members play a number of games on the side that fit into anyone’s Steam library.





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