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Q1) What is Basic Training?

A1)  Our unit currently holds a Basic Training Course for all new recruits and enlisted personnel.  During this course new members are taught the basic fundamentals of a realism unit, the ranking structure, basic squad maneuvers and unit etiquette. The course is not designed to frustrate or weed out bad players. Its purpose is to ensure all new possible members are aware of what the unit is about and see if you are the right “fit” for the 2nd Ranger Battalion.


Q2) Do you have an age restriction?

A2) We are currently looking for players 16 or older. However, exceptions are made at the discretion of Battalion Headquarters.


Q3) Do I have to be from the United States?

A3) No, we currently accept applications from all parts of the globe. We do however expect players to make mandatory drills as often as possible.


Q4) Do I have to have perfect attendance?

A4) No, however, we expect members to meet mandatory Company, Platoon and Squad drills as often as possible. Missing drills without excuse will can result in termination from the unit. We understand there are other priorities but expect you to advise us if you are unable to attend.


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