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The 2nd Ranger Battalion uses the game type “realism”.  The title is just as it sounds, “realistic”.  Realism game mode is designed to create a more realistic atmosphere than regular “shoot em up” game modes.  The emphasis is on team work, realistic weapon damage and realistic world settings.  This means less damage to die, more recoil on weapons, no more “1 man armies” and an emphasis on team based game play.  You will no longer be able to “Call of Duty” your way to victory.

During our drills or “practices”, you will be assigned a squad complete with a Squad Leader, Assistant Squad leader and various support weapons.  Your squad will be assigned a specific task to complete and your Squad Leader will assign you your specific task to complete.  Together your goal is to complete the objective as one solid unit.  If all parts work together as instructed, the likelihood of success dramatically increases.

Realism is the basis for any realism unit.  We strive to provide our members with a realistic and authentic experience removing the frustrating parts of first person shooters and replacing them with a team based experience. If you are tired of “running and gunning” on your own, realism may be the game type for you.

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