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    Recruitment Graduates

    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    The following Recruits have recently completed their recruitment period, have been promoted to the Rank of Private and are now full members of our unit- Please give a warm welcome to them! Pvt. Mierski, Andrew Pvt. Gunnar, John Pvt. Saunders, John “Fives” Pvt. Smith, John Pvt. Payne, Garvin   Read more

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    2nd Ranger War Results, Recrui...

    18 February 2015 , by JD

    First and foremost, Battalion Headquarters and the 2nd Rangers would like to welcome the graduates of Basic Training Platoon 1502 to the 2nd Rangers ranks! – Pvt. Wenzel – Pvt. Dee – Pvt. Leminski, – Pvt. Lindeborg – Pvt. Redenbaugh – Pvt. Jamison   The 2nd Ranger Battalion took place in a scrimmage and a TW... Read more

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    Basic Combat Training TP 15-01

    28 January 2015 , by JD

    This week saw the graduation of Training Platoon 1501. The following recruits have completed their Basic Combat Training and are now active members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion:   Pvt. Stuart Pvt. Lassman Pvt. Milk Pvt. England Pvt. Bley Pvt. Allison Pvt. Adams Gentlemen welcome to the 2nd Ranger Battalion   Read more

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    First batch of Rangers graduat...

    12 January 2015 , by JD

    After weeks of progress, the first batch of 2nd Rangers completed their refresher course making them combat ready. Led by Battalion S-4, the refresher course covered basic maneuvers, weapon manipulations and communication. Battalion Headquarters is continuing to put the framework together to open up the recruitment office to new enlisted soldiers. ... Read more

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