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    Greetings! Starkey here again with what I hope to be the first in a series of fun ‘RANGERS’ play nights. These nights will focus on games that are mostly 1) Free to play, 2) Out of the way, and 3) games that I have spent the last several years yelling at entirely. So without further stuffing around, I present to you: SPACE STATION 13.

    If you’ve been around the Teamspeak fairly frequently you’ll have heard me talk about this game atleast once. Whether it’s complaining about the f**king clown or laughing at the incompetence of the medical department, I’ll have probably yelled at the game atleast once during important meetings.

    This is a game all about 2D spacemen bludgeoning other 2D spacemen roleplaying. You will start off the shift aboard the NCS Cyberiad at exactly 1200 Earth standard time, taking the role of one of the many positions on-board the station. What happens next will only be for you to discover. Maybe a revolution will break out in the center of cargonia, or perhaps a syndicate strike force will flood the hall ways with toxic plasma.

    This game runs on the BYOND engine, which means that the graphics will be kind of crappy. As I said before, this is a game all about 2D spacemen. Despite that, this game has never ceased to give me an hour or so of fun every now and then. I’m going to leave this here as an interest check for the moment, and if we do get enough interest I’ll organize a night sometime shortly to get everyone on a server together!

    So, finish off your pan-galactic gargle-blasters, secure your stun-batons, bash the clown, steal Ian for the chef. grab your robust coffee and put a flamin’ donk on it, cause this is about to get crazy.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by  T/5 Starkey.
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