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    I am currently reading a book titled “The Rising Tide” by Jeff Shaara. It is about the battle in North Africa between the Afrika Corp and the British Eighth Army. Of course, it is fiction based up on fact which most history books are anyway.

    Jeff’s father was an author too and wrote “Killer Angels”, a novel about the Battle of Gettysburg. I highly recommend your reading any publications by either of these guys. Top Notch storytellers!!


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    Thanks for the heads up. Its amazing how many good stories there are out there from the war. Cheers


    Pvt. Smith
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    Howdy, I don’t think I’ve seen you online but you’re a Brother regardless. I’m an old guy and have read hundreds of books, if you have a particular subject of interest let me know. I will post a link for a website that has hundreds of videos on a variety of subjects that you may find interesting.


    Pvt. Smith
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    http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ T/5 Willis, here is the link I mentioned above:

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