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    13 November 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    For his extensive leadership and activity in Competitive and Scrimmage events ; assisting greatly in the combat running of Both Grudge Matches and Cup matches – I hereby Award Sgt. Bunch the Soldiers Medal.   Congratulations Sgt. Bunch. Join the discussion on the forum.  

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    12 November 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    PFC Kloete has been with us for quite a long time, and in this time he’s done great work in the staff offices in which he participates, making maps and learning in the Engineering Corps, corralling and teaching students in combat training with the Training Battalion, and setting an example for his squad mates as an Assistant Squad Leader of.....

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    8 November 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    Pvt. Gunnar has been with the 2nd Rangers for a while and has served well in two different squads, impressing the leadership and proving to be a reliable soldier in combat. As such, it has been deemed fitting to give him a promotion to the rank of Private, First Class.     Congratulations PFC Gunnar, Keep up the good work!...

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    Combat Action Badges – O...

    19 October 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    Following action in an official scrimmage on 16 OCT 2015, Battalion Command has seen fit to award the Combat Action Badge to all participants. The following soldiers received the Combat Action Badge: Grade 2 TSgt. Wright SSgt. Gary Sgt. Bunch The following soldiers received the Combat Action Badge: Grade 1 2Lt. Wence WO1 Mendoza Cpl. Daemon T/5 Tay...

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    June-August Good Conduct Medal...

    22 August 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    The following soldiers have received good conduct medals for the period of June to August for their consistent drill attendance and good behavior. 2Lt. Wence Tsgt. Wright Sgt. Aldrett PFC Bley PFC Daemon PFC Harmon Pvt. Kloete Pvt. Taylor In addition to the requirements for the Good Conduct Medal, these soldiers attended every single drill in that ...

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    28 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Newsletter: Issue 2 (7/12/15) Ready and Waiting Story of the Week: Squad up As the unit expands bringing in more recruits, we are very excited to announce the implementation of a new squad. This squad signifies the growth as a whole this unit is experiencing. Large influxes of recruits flood into our Teamspeak and Server and are bringing the origin...

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    Announcing Recruitment Badges

    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    We are happy to be announcing a new award; Recruitment Badges- as a reward for recruiting new members into the Unit- The Recruitment Badge has three grades; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. How it works: You shall be awarded the Recruitment Badge- Bronze grade once you’ve recruited 5 members who are Accepted and Pass into the Unit. You shall be awar...

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    Recruitment Graduates

    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    The following Recruits have recently completed their recruitment period, have been promoted to the Rank of Private and are now full members of our unit- Please give a warm welcome to them! Pvt. Mierski, Andrew Pvt. Gunnar, John Pvt. Saunders, John “Fives” Pvt. Smith, John Pvt. Payne, Garvin  

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    Ranger Qualification (Pvt. BUT...

    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

      Pvt. Butler and Pvt. Taylor have completed their Ranger Training period which qualifies them for their Ranger Qualification Badge. This badge signifies their readiness to represent the 2nd Rangers in official scrimmages. Congratulations to both of you, and keep up the good work!  

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    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Pvt. Redenbaugh has been with us since TP 1502, with his activity improving; and his skills improving along with them. We are thus happy to promote him to the rank of Private, First Class.   Congratulations PFC Redenbaugh; we look forward to seeing your continued improvement.  

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DateLeague2RB ScoreOp ScoreResult
03/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-THC: 0FH: 4Defeat
11/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-THC: 0Fuo:4Defeat
16/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 3[~AJ~]: 1Win
16/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 0-KC-: 4Defeat
18/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 0{GFA}: 4Defeat
18/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 2-PRKL-: 2Tie
12/12/15Scrim2RB: 0MERC: 2Defeat
20/02/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 0GRD: 4Defeat
05/03/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 1Div.ND: 3Defeat
08/03/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 3G.F.A: 1Win
20/02/2016 RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 0LIGA: 4Defeat
27/02/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 1AK: 2Defeat
28/02/2016 RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 0 2C1B: 4Defeat
02/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 0LIGA: 4Defeat
09/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 4DL: 0Win
16/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 3MF: 1Win
23/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 1RR: 3Defeat
30/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 0LW: 4Defeat
08/05/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 13D: 3Defeat
19/06/16Scrimmage 2RB: 2Divided:2TIE

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