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    21 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Pvt. Adams has been a loyal and active member of the 2nd Rangers, and we are Happy to promote him to the rank of Private, First Class. Congratulations PFC Adams, keep up the good work!  

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    2nd Rangers News Letter: Issue...

    14 July 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Newsletter: Issue 1 (7/12/15) ‘First Off the Presses’ Story of the Week: Public Affairs Ramps Up After a long period of silence, the Public affairs office comes back with a bang recently releasing the first Second Rangers Video depicting the landings on Iwo Jima. The Second Rangers would like to give T/5 McCue and T/5 Mendoza a special thanks for.....

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    TWIL [2RB] vs |6TH| Results

    19 June 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Match results ~ June 19th 5:45pm EDT 4-0 defeat Though the results were not what we would have desired – and somethings didn’t sit well; We fought until the last ticket and last spawn and I would like to Thank those who came for giving it all they could. So a special thanks to TSgt. Wright, Sgt. Bunch, Sgt. Aldrett,...

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    17 June 2015 , by Maj. Wence

    Staff Sergeant N. Wright, Has been promoted to the Rank of Technical Sergeant. Congratulations, and keep up the good work TSgt. Wright.  

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    Ranger Qualification (Pvt. Jor...

    17 June 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    Private Jorris has earned his Ranger Qualification Badge, which signifies completion of Ranger Training and his readiness to participate in official scrimmages.   Congratulations Pvt. Jorris!  

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    Promotions and Qualifications

    17 June 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

    On the 1st of June, 2015 Private, First Class Gary was promoted to the rank of Technician, 5th Grade   On the 25th of May, Privates Wilson and Stuart were promoted to the rank of Private, First Class. In addition, Private Adams has earned his Ranger Qualification Badge, which signifies completion of Ranger Training and his readiness to participate ...

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    Good Conduct Medals 03/06/2015

    3 June 2015 , by 2Lt. Wright

              2nd Rangers, I am catching up on Good Conduct Medals – They are issued for 80% or greater practice attendance in a 2 month period. There was quite a bit of backlog. Things are being kept current and up to date now- However to clear out the back log and award those who earned it...

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Latest Matches

DateLeague2RB ScoreOp ScoreResult
03/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-THC: 0FH: 4Defeat
11/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-THC: 0Fuo:4Defeat
16/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 3[~AJ~]: 1Win
16/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 0-KC-: 4Defeat
18/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 0{GFA}: 4Defeat
18/10/15RO2League Rifle Cup2RB-BBB: 2-PRKL-: 2Tie
12/12/15Scrim2RB: 0MERC: 2Defeat
20/02/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 0GRD: 4Defeat
05/03/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 1Div.ND: 3Defeat
08/03/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-PRU: 3G.F.A: 1Win
20/02/2016 RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 0LIGA: 4Defeat
27/02/2016RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 1AK: 2Defeat
28/02/2016 RO2Arena Riflecup 32RB-BB: 0 2C1B: 4Defeat
02/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 0LIGA: 4Defeat
09/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 4DL: 0Win
16/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 3MF: 1Win
23/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 1RR: 3Defeat
30/04/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 0LW: 4Defeat
08/05/16United World Tournament 20162RB: 13D: 3Defeat
19/06/16Scrimmage 2RB: 2Divided:2TIE

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